Playing Bingo is simple, it is relatively easy to learn and play. Players cross off a line or pattern of numbers as the numbers are called or drawn randomly. The numbers drawn appear on the screen when you play at an online casino so you have to be quick when crossing lines or patterns of numbers. In Bingo, there are numerous patterns that you daub such as vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or another pre-determined shape or pattern.

In online casinos, the cards are randomly picked by the system. However, you may still choose new cards with different numbers when you don’t the card that was given to you. Another thing that is great about online bingo is that you can change the colors of the cards, or work on your setting so cards are automatically daub. 

The cost of cards is all the same amount, however, multiple cards can be purchased. The main Bingo variation is called 75-ball bingo which has all the numbers from 1 – 75 and is shown in a 5×5 grid. The B column will have all the numbers between 1 and 15. I column has 16 – 30 under, 31 to 45 will be under the N column, the G will have 46 – 60 and the O column will have 61 – 75.  When a player has crossed off the numbers in the patterns they will have to call out “BINGO”. Once you have crossed off a valid pattern, calling out “BINGO” will determine the winner.

Bingo Intro

Bingo Rules

Rules of the Bingo online casino are not complex compared to any other online casino games. Rules are very straightforward and this can be applied in a physical or online game. 

The Cards

When it comes to cards, players have the choice to play single or multiple cards. There would be the word “BINGO” on each card which is spelled out across the top. The letters are lined in a column and each column will have corresponding numbers. 

  • B Column: 1 – 15
  • I Column: 16 – 30
  • N Column: 31 – 45 
  • G Column: 46 – 60
  • O Column: 61 – 75


The numbers are picked or called out randomly by system software. When the number is called out players must check their card to see if their card has the corresponding number. Once the number is determined the players must quickly mark it off and this is called “Daubing”. When using multiple cards, the player must check each one and quickly mark it off. Players can also choose the option to automatically daub the numbers to prevent missing out numbers. 

Calling “BINGO”

Players must call “BINGO” once they cross off a line, daub off a pattern, or daub off all the numbers on their cards. This goes the same way in physical Bingo, they will need to call out BINGO and take the card to the dealer for verification. Once the card is verified then that is the time that the winner will be determined.

When it comes to playing online the methods are a lot simpler as the computer will automatically be determined the winner once a line of number has been cross offed, patters has been daub off, or all the number in a card has been marked.  

Bonuses and Promotions

A lot of online casino platforms provide bonuses and promotions, especially to new bingo players. Do your research and check out platforms that offer these bonuses and promotions.

These bonuses and promotions are made to increase and provide opportunities for players for the chances of winning without extra cost. The bonuses you must check out are:

  • Free Bingo cards
  • Deposit Bonuses
  • VIP/Loyalty Programs

There are online casinos with bingo game like Royal888 that provide bonuses such as free bingo cards and a certain amount of your deposited amount. And if you have been playing in an online casino platform for quite some time, you might qualified for loyalty programs. 


Online casino Bingo is exciting and rewarding. For the best gaming experience you have to make sure that you fully understand the rules and mechanics of the game. There are also bonuses and promotions available, and implement various strategies to increase your winning chances. Bingo is a game of luck; the more you play, that more chances of winning.