Football still remains the most popular sport in the world. This sport has been dominating the world of sports and cultures of a dozen countries. The sport has immense appeal globally. FIFA has been holding the World Cup every for year, and the last tournament was held last 2006 in Germany and generated over 30 billion viewers.

With the innovation of technology, Football fans have found a new way to engage with this sport. Football has numerous activities throughout the year which provide opportunities for bettors to bet on different matches. Betting sites have been offering engaging, competitive, and attractive deals like the Royal888. It is important that you fully understand how these markets work to help you with your decision and for a better gaming experience.

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Football Sports Betting

Frequently, there are numerous football matches worldwide and bookmakers offer a wide selection of odds to wager on every point of the game. These cover the match and event outcomes in a game like the number of scores.

In the Football betting market, there are different types of betting options. This includes Parlayes that give you the option to combine different wagers into one for a higher payout. This is surely the best way to bet on sports with its wide range of options available. 


The probability of an event and the potential payout are represented by Odds. There are different formats for Odds: Fractional, Decimal, and Moneyline. 

Football betting odds is the stance of bookmakers on a particular game, proposition, or event. This also tells how much money is better must wager and risk for potential payout.

Negative Odds: This indicates which team is favorable. The symbol and the number determine how much the payout is for every win.

Positive Odds: This represents the underdog team. The positive symbol and the number determine the payout amount for every win. Positive odds usually have higher payouts.

Football Odds

Betting Types


The simplest form of betting wherein you select a team or player who will win the game. This type of betting on football is generally available in every sportsbook. Odds vary depending on who is likely to win the match

A favorable team will have the minus (-) symbol which also indicates how much money you will wager and determines your potential payout. The underdog team will have the positive (+) symbol which also determines your wager and payout.

Totals (Over/Under):

Prediction of how many goals will both teams accumulate in a game. Over means that the combined score of both teams goes over the total listed. Under means that both team’s total score goes under the total listed.

Point Spread Betting:

This is the difference in the expected final score of both teams. This is represented as positive (+2) and negative (-2). The favored team gets the negative and the underdog will have the positive.


This is a type of wager where two or more are tied in one creating one bet which could result in a bigger payout. This means that all the legs must win so that the wager will payout.

First Half/Half Time Wagering

This betting option allows you to wager on a point spread or total for the first and second half of the match. The first-half wager is determined by the score when a game reaches halftime. The halftime wager resets the score of the game to 0 and will be determined by the score for the halftime of a game.

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Understanding the flexibility of betting types provides you an opportunity to strategize with your betting options. Football sports betting is very popular in the Philippines and facilitated by trusted online casino platforms like Royal888. They have been offering a thrilling and exciting betting experience. Betting responsibly is important, this will ensure that you will have a positive betting experience.