Horse racing has for hundreds of years been one of the top sports to bet on. Because you can still bet on horses in both the US and all around the world, it’s understandable that people are still putting their money into this type of wager.

Altogether, another good thing about gambling on horses is that there are so many ways to make the races interesting. At the track or at your local turf club there’s never a dull moment: you can kick off with simple straight bets and work up through an ever-changing variety of exotics.

Bets on straight lines

The three most common ways to bet on a horse racing game straight up are as follows. These horses can win, place (finish second), or show (third). The fourth type of straight bet is known as “across the board.” If your horse finishes in first, second, or third place, you’ll win.

You must win the race to get a payout on your win bet in horse racing. If your horse came in first or second, you’d win. Place money only if they’re third. If one of your horses comes in first, second, or third and you have placed a show bet on that animal, then you win the money under the “show” category.

An across-the-board bet If your horse wins, you’re a winner on all three picks. But if he placed second, you’d get the place and show money, while third brought just the show money. You have to bet three times the minimum on each horse simply to win.

horse racing betting
Horse racing

Interesting Bets on Single Races

An exacta bet asks most people to try and pick out the precise two handfuls of horses that place first and second. Or you can take a safer trifecta with three hands. Exotic bets offer better odds. Those horses must be chosen in the order in which they were completed.

This bet is attractive because if your horses win, the payments get bigger. If you can chuck one or two long shots in your final two to three horses, you clean up.

Quinnellas can replace exactas. The first two horses of any race need not finish in order (as long as they are among the fastest). This bet is a quinella, or boxed exacta. Also called “boxed exacta.”

Superfecta betting requires one to select the top four horses in a race. Yet you can wheel a horse together. This is a better way to gamble, as trifectas and superfectas are harder choices. This is a wheel bet. You choose the winner and two more horses. This bet is unusual. If your first horse doesn’t win, you lose. They can place themselves in any of those three positions, regardless of which position the other two horses come from.

Unusual Bets on Several Races

Horse racing betting like the Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 6 should appeal to people who only want to pick winners. To win this bet, you have to pick the winner in a string of races, from two races for the Daily Double to six races for the Pick 6.

It’s hard to pick winners in more than one race, but if you’re right in even two races in the Daily Double, the payouts can be big based on how much money was bet in each pool. If you correctly pick all six races, the money you could win obviously goes up by a lot with each extra race. In fact, it is not unusual to see six-figure payouts for a Pick 6 ticket.

Horse racing

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