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The Royal888 Registration has been the very talk of the town for its easy process and lovely user interface even accompanied by the magical sound effects. That will be marked as the beginning of your roller coaster ride to fun and thrilling betting and playing at Royal888 online casino. 

Upon visiting the website or opening the Royal888 appregister or sign up and fill out the Royal888 registration form, all information are protected with the best and updated encryption technology and is covered by the Data Privacy Act in the Philippines.

You may also wonder why you are being routed to another website but don’t worry, since there are a lot of players that cannot be accommodated in one site, it is one of the sites of Royal888 to cater you with your betting and playing needs.

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royal888 registration form reminders

royal888 registration
  • The username should have between five and sixteen characters, and it can consist of either letters, numbers, or a combination of both.
  • Make sure your password has at least 6 letters and numbers.
  • Tick on the box “I agree with the terms and conditions”.
  • In order to register, players are required to provide the correct mobile number. This ensures that in the event of forgotten login details, their game account can still be easily retrieved.

mobile APP AND DESKTOP registration steps

  • The Royal888 registration using your mobile app or desktop has been made easier than ever. Check out the following steps:

    • Creating an account requires navigating to the Royal888 app or website and selecting the registration option.
    • Please enter the username you wish to use for your new account.
    • Enter your password.
    • Confirm your password again.
    • Simply check the checkbox to indicate your agreement to Royal888’s Terms and Conditions. This will finalize your account setup, then simply click the register button to proceed.

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  • 100% First Deposit Bonus – Enjoy a 100% cashback on your first deposit to enable players to try more games.
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These are just the two of the several promotions that Royal888 have that you shouldn’t miss out.

Frequently asked questions

Upon registration, you will be asked to input tour username, password, and mobile number. It is highly advised to use the correct mobile number in case you forgot your login details.

Under the laws in the Philippines, person under 18 years are not allowed to gamble. As a law abiding online casino, only 18 years old and above can register at Royal888 online casino.

In order to avoid fraudulent activities, we highly advise everyone to register only one account. Royal888 can detect same IP address, same bank account, and same phone number.

As mentioned, Royal888 follows the data privacy act in the Philippines. Players don’t need to provide password when being assisted.

Yes, there are ways you can reset your password. You can contact our customer service live chat or you can reset by yourself. They will reset it as long as you can provide proper documents that proves that you are the account owner.


No one can deny the fact that Royal888 Registration is very easy to do and follow. With lots of promos awaiting upon registration and depositing, you will never get less but more when playing games.

Register an account with Royal888 now and get the most out of the reputable online casino brand.